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Friday, February 19, 2010


Went to Northgate Market today after we dropped Ty at school...and on a whim, I bought a fresh husked coconut.

The idea of drinking out of a coconut with a straw was intriguing, so I thought, "Why not?"

I brought it home, drove a screwdriver through two of the three top holes, and a bit of coconut water spewed out each hole when I got all the way through it.

I then proceeded to drain the coconut (because I realized I had no straws) and tried to hack it into pieces to eat the meat.

I learned a few things about coconuts today:

A) Coconut water is great when you're stranded on a desert island with no fresh water. When you're in Anaheim, however, and you have a Brita to rid your tap water of that metallic sewer taste, coconut water is "eh."

B) Coconuts contain a HECKUVA lot of coconut water!!! Note to self: next time I want to drain a coconut, use a large glass!

C) Coconuts are a huge pain in the butt to hack into when you don't have a machete. A butcher's knife will work - slowly, and if the coconut is resting on the kitchen floor - but you have to hack like crazy, so watch out for your fingers and your linoleum.

D) The white meat-stuff in the middle of a fresh coconut is mildly slimy and doesn't take much like coconut. Let it dry out before you try to eat it. Seriously.

So...I have educated myself on coconuts today and had a 20 minute kitchen adventure, all for only $1.49! I can't say I'd recommend the experience, but heck...if you're curious, at least its a new experience!


KJ said...

My mom did the same thing for us when we were young! I, too, preferred water or milk over the coconut juice and I'll take my coconut dipped in chocolate in the form of a Mounds or Almond Joy, thank you!

Kim said...

That is awesome...Thanks! I love those adventures:)

MB Newson said...

i feel ya..sort of. when we were in hawaii there are always people selling them on the side of the road, with the straw and all. so we tried one...
besides the fact that is was a bit on the warm side (in a not good way) it needed some serious sugar. it was so not what my palate was looking for. very blah.

Mama said...

A little rock will work if you hit it right in the middle of the "seam" type line that runs down the coconut. If hit just right, it just falls open.

Chelsea said...

next time you want to do that, go to my house (in cali) and in my closet, on the left hand side in the very back corner there is a machette. if you're wondering why, please remember its anaheim and if someone was ever to try and kill me in my room i was going to chop them into pieces. thats why. BUT! now i live safely in west jordan utah. i hope my machette fulfills your coconut needs. have a great day.