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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


So, I'd spend a few pages explaining our home-buying situation, but suffice it to say that we are finally in escrow on a beautiful home in Lake Elsinore and are hoping to close by the end of the month of April. Long story short, the one we wanted that we waited 4 months didn't (SHORT SALE) work out, but right about the time we started looking again, up popped this house with a floorplan we'd already walked through and just had really crappy pictures up for MLS (which works in our favor). It was (IS...this is our soon-to-be-home!) a short sale, but was already in escrow...the buyers just couldn't close the loan in time. Enter our fabulous realtor (and bishop, which is awesome!) who steps in to say "We can do it!" and BAM!, bank says sure, but we have to close by May 10th. Our loan guy says "Great!" and we say "April 30th?" to which he says "I'm on it!" we are, Lord willing 23 days before we move into our (almost dream!) home, unless we get delayed by up to 10 days, in which case we'll be there in a month!

Maybe that WAS a long story. At least it wasn't multi-paragraph, right?

So now you want the details...the specs. Here we go: built in '06, 3 homes from the end of a cul-de-sac on a quiet little hill in a first-division home in a beautiful tract in Elsinore JUST off the 74 (Jason's commute route) and about an hour from Nona/Papa and Tee/Boo. 2643 sq ft, 4 bed, 2 1/2 bath with a very large upstairs bonus room, 3 car garage w/ epoxy flooring, on an almost 8000 sq ft lot. The backyard is unlandscaped (which is fine, because we want to put in a patio/bbq/firepit/garden/a bunch of fake grass for a tax credit!) and the home has an already-installed alarm system (which will end up being about $10/mo), a pretty front porch, an island kitchen with granite countertops and walk-in pantry, a huge 5 burner gass range and double ovens, a fireplace in the family room, a giant under-stair storage closet, custom wood blinds throughout (and tons of natural light!), double doors on the master bedroom, a seperate tub and shower in the master with double silkstone sinks and a water closet, plus a walk-in master closet. Like Katrina said, we didn't compromise on features we wanted, and like Audrey said, I took a good look at the house to see how easy or difficult it would be to maintain. Thank you both. :)

So...that's really all there is to say about the house. I'm guessing you'd just rather see pictures.

Keep in mind I don't like their paint - actually, the paint is fine, it's just that I hate the accent walls - and the carpet, while unspotted and pretty, needs a deep-clean...but all around, we love it and we'll change it if and when we have the time...and the money, which is really the issue. :) We WILL, however, "earn" the $8k first time homebuyer tax credit, so maybe we can pour a concrete patio and get a really "cool" (yup, I'm lame) fridge after all.

Thanks for all your prayers, thoughts, advice, and encouragement, friends! We appreciate you pulling for us, and we're glad to say it has (or is about to) all paid off...and will pay off for you, too, next time you want to come visit SoCal and need a free hotel!

PS...T&M thank you too...because they will very soon have their very own rooms, window seats and all!!!!!


Brandon + Chelsea + Ella said...

Congratulations! Looks beautiful. So happy for you guys! You will definitely be missed in Anacrime. Let us know when you move so we can come help.

KJ said...

It's BEAUTIFUL!!! I'd trade my house for yours ANYDAY.. congrats! Can't wait to visit!

Jason, Ginny and Oliver said... looks amazing!! And it is big! Congratulations guys, that is seriously so awesome. And we will totally hit you up for a place to stay next time we are in the neighborhood.

Tanya said...

it really looks awesome and that really is a huge backyard, you weren't kidding. It will be fun, when you start packing bring the kids over, it is way easier without them around trust me... :D

Audrey said...

I am absolutely thrilled for you guys!!!! Sorry about that other house not working out, but when you reflect on this house and neighborhood and the ward you'll become a part of, someday you'll just die to think you might ever move. I know that's how we feel where we live. It sounds like you got upgrades galore! Now, we just have to get that trip planned!!!!

Wendy said...

Jessica I am just so happy for you guys. Keith even said he would come help you move because he was so excited for you guys. We can't wait to come visit you. Take care and we will let you know when the blessing date is. We love you guys.

Jessica Garthe said...

Congrats!!! I know how you feel. I hope and pray that your escrow goes smooth and closes on time.

Kim said...

Congrats Lady! It is beautiful and HUGE. You deserve such hapiness. Love ya tons!